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What is Business Bitz?

posted Jeff Zarling on 1 November 2016
What is Business Bitz?
Business Bitz is a series of company profiles and business topics designed for current and aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners and managers. It is a chance to acknowledge, encourage and support the people that contribute to our economic prosperity and encourage a dialog about entrepreneurship and business development in the region.

Business Bitz profiles individual businesses and the people that make them happen. Their stories are encouraging, enlightening, and thought provoking. As business owners have shared their successes and struggles, they and their colleagues find great comfort and strength in discovering they’re not alone and advice and inspiration to soldier on in their efforts.

Business Bitz discusses topics relevant to business development, management and execution meant to be informative, encouraging, thought provoking and actionable. We also highlight resources available to help existing businesses or those considering the journey. From start-up to the exit strategy, there are many resources available to our businesses including commercial services, non-profit organizations, government entities and reference materials.

Jeff Zarling, author of Business Bitz, is the president of Dawa Solutions Group, LLC., a business consulting firm helping people do business better. The company provides business consulting, coaching, business systems solutions, marketing and design services, and website solutions.

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